Happy Ink Unveils Adorable New Brand for Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers: Cute Little Club

Amsterdam, Netherlands — Happy Ink, the creative powerhouse behind Hamsta World, proudly announces the launch of Cute Little Club, an enchanting brand designed by Dutch creator Saskia Keiser. Known for her minimalistic designs, Keiser introduces 10 lovable characters in Cute Little Club, each embracing their imperfections as a unique blessing.

The brand will take its first step into the market with a series of books and animated videos, kicking off with the magical mouse Suzy Plum, who was inspired by the author’s daughter Suzy.

Cute Little Club’s first book, “Cute Little Suzy Plum – Your Fairy Tail Friend,” published by Austin Macauley Publishers, is set for a worldwide release on January 5th. Pre-orders are now available on major platforms, including Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Amazon, Google, and more.

Suzy Plum is a cute little mouse with an extraordinary long tail that reveals a magical touch—making cute little flowers appear. This theme of embracing uniqueness and magic is woven into each character’s identity.

Cute Little Club’s minimalistic design encourages children to draw the rest of the story themselves, fostering creativity.

From Cute Little Suzy Plum to Cute Little Coco Nutty, these characters will steal your heart in an instant. With their cute little imperfections, the characters of Cute Little Club teach us the power of embracing our uniqueness. They remind us that even the smallest quirks make us even more lovable and special. In their cute little world they celebrate every imperfection and cherish their own unique individuality.

The endearing stories of 10 perfectly imperfect cute little characters serve as a window to new perspectives and an invitation for self-discovery. Through glimpses at the fabulous flaws of the cuties, readers of all ages can explore the value and beauty in both what we have in common and the things that make us different and unique.

Meet the characters:

  • Cute Little Suzy Plum, your fairy tail friend.
  • Cute Little Coco Nutty, your nutty friend.
  • Cute Little Lucky Ricky, your lucky friend.
  • Cute Little Billy Lemon, your jumpy friend.
  • Cute Little Milly Shake, your strawberry shake friend.
  • Cute Little Lola Pop, your sweet-toothed friend.
  • Cute Little Bubba Gum, your nosy friend.
  • Cute Little Cookie Dodo, your crummy friend.
  • Cute Little Nina Split, your flipped out friend.
  • Cute Little Marcus Mellow, your mellow friend.

In conjunction with the book launch, Happy Ink will release an animated video and theme song on YouTube narrating Suzy Plum’s enchanting tale, bringing the character to life and adding an extra layer of magic to the Cute Little Club experience.

About the Author
Saskia Keiser (Amsterdam, 25 August 1979), author of Hamsta World Cute Little Club. Saskia is equal parts art director, designer, illustrator, author, brand developer, entrepreneur, and mom. She glides happily between her trades, delighting in the act of injecting joy into the everyday. While Saskia loves wearing different hats and being able to take on varied perspectives in her work, what she most enjoys is combining all of her passions to create worlds of possibility. In these magical little places like Cute Little Club, people of all ages can open their minds, explore with their hearts, and experience the full spectrum of our perfectly imperfect individuality. For this latest endeavour, Saskia allowed a rainbow of cute little personas to emerge organically from her own circle of loved ones and their stories, starting with her daughter Suzy. She applied a soft focus to each person’s everyday imperfections, cultivating a diverse crew of quirky characters with challenges that make them simultaneously relatable and unique. Designed using as few details as possible, the stories in Cute Little Club are surrounded in spaciousness, inviting the imagination and encouraging readers to co-create each adventure. Whether overcoming fears or discovering that there is no such thing as normal, the experiences of these cuties remind us that life truly is like a box of chocolates: delightful and delicious, and even sweeter when shared with those around us.

Partnerships, Collabs, and Merchandizing Opportunities
Happy Ink invites potential partners, collaborators, and those interested in merchandizing opportunities to contact Brad Bushell at brad@happyink.nl for further details.

For additional information about Cute Little Club, please visit www.cutelittleclub.com.

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