The folks at Happy Ink are dedicated to the simple task of spreading joy all over the world. Through their charismatic characters, they aim to create living brands that inspire smiles in people of all ages.

A multidisciplinary group of creative professionals are responsible for making magic at Happy Ink headquarters. Each person involved lends a unique background and talent to the team, making the crew just as colourful and diverse as the characters and brands they create. 

Saskia Keiser (Amsterdam, 25 August 1979) – author of Hamsta World & Cute Little Club

Saskia is equal parts art director, designer, illustrator, author, brand developer, entrepreneur, and mom. She glides happily between her trades, delighting in the act of injecting joy into the everyday. 

While she loves wearing different hats and being able to take on varied perspectives in her work, what she most enjoys is combining all of her passions to create worlds of possibility. In these magical little places, like Hamsta World and Cute Little Club, people of all ages are invited to open their minds, explore with their hearts, and experience the full spectrum of our perfectly imperfect individuality.

Next to her own creative brainchildren, Saskia’s broad knowledge and deep competence in the field of marketing and art direction have also helped her to develop existing brands, as well as teach and mentor future creative professionals. Her designs, concepts and ways of working always stand out in their consistently joyful simplicity, boasting bold graphic styles and a signature playfulness that inevitably induce a smile.

Brad Bushell director of licensing and business affairs for Happy Ink’s Hamsta World and Cute Little Club

With considerable experience in building awareness and reach for some of the world’s best-known comic character properties, Brad directs the introduction and guides the growth for Happy Ink’s two main creations, Hamsta World and Cute Little Club. 

“Saskia Keiser combines the creative and business skills that it takes to grow and nurture a successful character property,” he points out. “I’ve worked with the creators of Snoopy, Garfield, Wizard of ID and B.C. I find Saskia’s characters are in that same class, entertaining fans worldwide by drawing them into a community of fun and acceptance.”